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Resources for RV Families on the Go

This is a list of helpful resources for families interested in fulltiming or RVing for extended periods.

  • Gift Ideas forRV Families. What to get those on the road for the holidays and birthdays.
  • The Article Index leads to a wealth of information and personal accounts about fulltime RVing as a family.
  • The section on General Information on RVing provides links to useful sites.
  • Buying an RV links to sites about new and used RVs, bus conversions, customizing RV's, trucks and RV rentals.
  • Choosing an RV has some helpful information about choosing an RV for family travel.
  • Travel Information (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Watch a movie on your computer and never leave the RV. No need to run to RedBox or play tag with your mail as it tries to find you on the road.

Also be sure to visit our "Life on the Road" section for even more resources.

This Week's Special

The Mobile Internet Handbook: 2016 US Rvers Edition by Chris Dunphy

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Featured Opportunity

Amazon camperforceAmazon Camperforce Program

Great pay, complimentary campsites, as well as a season completion bonus are just a few of the benefits available to you as part of the Amazon CamperForce program!

Amazon camperforce is currently seeking motivated campers with a strong work ethic for fast-paced, temporary warehouse positions in our Amazon.com Fulfillment Centers in Campbellsville, Kentucky and Coffeyville, Kansas and Fernley, Nevada.

As a CamperForce Associate, you'll begin this seasonal assignment in early Fall and work until December 23rd in either Campbellsville, KY, Murfreesboro, TN, or Haslet, TX.

Palms River Resort

Are you a full-timer who contemplate ways to earn extra money to subsidize travel expenses - especially in today's economy?

In response to this, Palms River Resort a 5 star RV Resort located in Needles, California is looking for full-time RVers who are willing to work camp for the upcoming season.

Work campers can get their RV spot, part of the electricity and money for laundry for 20 hrs a week, anything over pays income.

If this is something that interests you check out their website at Palms River Resort.com or contact Sherri Short, the manager at 760-326-0333. Don't forget to let her know you are an FOTR member.

FOTR Discussion Groups

One of the primary goals of FOTR is to enable traveling families, or those preparing to hit the road, to connect with others. Sharing experiences, ideas and information with others of like interests can be a very helpful (not to mention enjoyable!) experience.

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Downsizing and Getting Ready to Go

Here is some things you may or may not need as an RVing family. Your mileage may vary.

Didn't Need:

  • All of the "toy box" toys we took
  • Glass dishes and glass storage bowls (they broke, bring plastic!)
  • Fancy Dress Clothes!
  • Pocketbooks, no more than one backpack per person, additional suitcases
  • Desktop computer ( laptops or ipads are some much simplier)
  • Cookbooks (maybe one favorite is ok)

Needed, wished we had, or had to buy

  • 5 gallon gas can
  • headband headlight
  • gloves, winter coat, snow boots
  • heating blanket
  • decorations to make the kids room their own
  • Easy travel toys: Legos, Barbies, books, beach bucket, coloring books
  • More DVD's
  • Small Christmas tree and lights
  • 18v Portable flashlight
  • 30lb propane bottle (if in cold weather)
  • bathing suit
  • A quality Mail Forwarding Service

More Downsizing Tips and Advice

Tips from Carol White of Live Your Road Trip Dream

  • Take some of the "one-way valve" plastic bags - you know, the ones where you "roll" the air out of them? They are great for storing off-season clothing compactly - or things you don't use very often (extra pillows, dress-up clothes).
  • Keep nothing in boxes - they take up too much room. Zip locs are great for small things - clothing and non-clothing items.
  • If you are in regular campgrounds (KOA, TT, etc.), most all of them have laundry facilities. If you are in state, forest service, BLM, etc. places, they will not have facilities (mostly)
  • Don't take anything that has to be ironed or dry cleaned (except maybe your dress-up outfit if you take that).
  • We had this really cool "organizer" that had pockets of various sizes 1" X 1" up to about 3" X 4" near the bottom. They pockets were clear plastic and the whole thing went over the bathroom door. We used it like our junk drawer from home - rubber bands, paper clips, nail polish, envelopes, stapler, tubes of medicine -- it was great! I bought it from the Lillian Vernon catalog.