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What do families on the road do for jobs?

Not everyone has won the lottery (congratulations if you did!) or are able to retire early. So how do you make ends meet when you are raising a family and traveling fulltime? What kinds of jobs can you take with you?

Jobs that Travel

What is Workamping

Work Camping, often referred to as "Workamping", is one of the fastest growing trends in the American job market.  In most cases, work campers (both individuals and couples) with their own RV offer their labor as a camp host maintaining a recreational facility in exchange for a free camping site plus wages.  Learn more here or you can apply right now.  You can also Join Our Campground Jobs Mailing List

Check Workamping News The original Resource of Jobs for Rvers, Since 1987!

Workamper News has been the premier source for connecting RV lovers and potential employers for more than two decades.
Are you a Workamper? If you work in exchange for something of value and sleep in a RV at night, you are indeed! From coast to coast, there are many positions available for Workampers-or those still dreaming of an RV lifestyle-to work and play on the road. Let us put you in touch with the perfect opportunity to meet your Workamping needs.

Check Amazon camperforceAmazon Camperforce

The Amazon CamperForce program brings together a community of enthusiastic RV'ers who help make the holidays bright for the customers of the world's largest online retailer,

Road Techs is an interactive site for the traveling contractor. They post jobs daily in a variety of fields: nuclear, petrol fuel, electrical, construction, computer, aerospace, overseas, and medical.
Check RoadTechs for current Job Listings
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"My husband is a Heavy Equipment Operator, and really, in that line of work, and mechanics I would imagine, you can go wherever you want to work. He was with a company that traveled throughout the midwest, then they sent him to CA this winter. Once in CA, he decided he wanted more $, so jumped online and found some options (he's in the Operators Union). He had a job offer the same day. He's now working for a company in Sacramento, which he's really enjoying."

~Karen "Wildtribe" (FOTR since 2006)

  • Crafts - set up a booth at local fairs, farmers markets and festivals, sell crafts at flea markets, attend craft shows at the malls
  • Build PVC towel drying racks for the back of the rv ladders
  • Make bird houses and bird feeders
  • Make your own Jewelry
  • Sign Maker with a sign making kit, router kit, drill and palm sander
  • Crochet custom made throws and afghans
  • "My husband is a catastrophic insurance adjuster. We go in after a disaster is declared from a storm or earthquake and he does adjusts claims for his company on behalf of a few different insurance companies. He belongs to a couple of different companies that could send him out as well as the national flood adjusters registry. When the country has a bad weather year, like when Katrina hit, we make extraordinary money. When it is a slow year, like this past one, then times are lean and he must pick up jobs in between the smaller storms that are constantly hitting around the country as they just don't pay as much to keep up with our bills. We don't hope for a bad hurricane, but when a big one hits it supplies us with well over a year's worth of living expenses (not counting savings and spending money)."

    ~Mandi Sanders

    David is a pipeline welder. He travels all over the US and Canada. He does contract or company work for varying people and/or companies. Usually taking a job depends on the pay and/or the location of prospective pipeline. He has also welded for refineries, energy plants, ethanol plants and refridgeration plants to just name a few!

    Katherine writes resumes for the pipeline welders and/or related workers as we travel. Have also down resumes for any and all people that request.

    ~ Kuehn Family

    Desk / Mobile Office

    • Teach online classes
    • Database work
    • Accounting
    • Webdesign
    • Freelance Grant Writing for non-profit corporations
    • Bloggers and Writers
    • Headhunter

    "We are computer consultants specializing in college financial aid integration. We provide valuable information about current loan programs."

    ~ Sarah Johnson

    "My husband has a great job supervising a team of aircraft mechanics who travel from base to base preparing/repairing BlackHawk and Apache helicopters. As his travel increased, Dad/hubby time decreased ... something HAD to change for the sake of our family. We decided to join him on the road a little over a year ago and have never looked back.

    Although we don't have control of where we travel, at least we're all together on the same adventure."

    ~ Annette Dyer

    Arts and Entertainment


    Take the show on the road! Book your own shows or hire an agency (just be wary of agents that take most of the profits and overbook you).

    • Stand-up Comedy
    • Musicians
    • Storytellers
    • Theatre


    • Campground Host - Recreation Resource Management has some job listings
    • Camping World has a mobile worker program
    • Beet Harvest

      American Crystal Sugar Company is a Minnesota agricultural cooperative corporation owned by about 3,000 sugar beet growers in the Minnesota and North Dakota portions of the Red River Valley. It also owns Sidney Sugars, located in Sidney Montana. American Crystal is engaged primarily in the agricultural production, manufacturing and marketing of sugar from sugar beets.
      American Crystal Sugar and Sidney Sugars hires over 1300 workers stationed at 45 sugar beet receiving stations. These seasonal employees are an integral part of making yearly sugar production a great success. These short term positions offer excellent compensation and attract applicants from all over the United States and Canada. Locals and travelers a like come to make a hefty pay check while being able to enjoy various outdoor attractions and camp sites.
      Many short term positions are available. Be sure to check out our applications process. We also have information on outdoor attractions and camp sites.

    • Traveling Nurse - and Intelistaf for job listings and placement
    • Secret Shopper - You won't make much money but you do get free lunches and oil changes and stuff like that.
    • Temp Jobs
    • Travel and work in spurts at places like Starbucks, Lowes or Home Depot
    • Move to one of the Disney Parks and work there - 8 week minimum commitment
    • Check for listings

    "Just a few thoughts on why my husband is in the process of contracting with a traveling nurse agency. The benefits are fantastic, we get paid to travel from job to job, and if we live in our rig, rather than take the free apartment, we get a tax-free housing stipend anyway! Plus, he hopes to do three 12's, so we can have more time to explore. 13-week assignments will give us a chance to explore the areas we want, and we hope to time completion of assignments seasonally so we can see a lot of the country without having to worry about snow. There are also often nice completion bonuses for nurses who finish assignments. We plan to buy an older, used rig and hope to upgrade as my husband completes assignments. You know, my husband's nursing license has been a real blessing for our family. He's an LPN, not even an RN, and the opportunities are simply fantastic. We're encouraging our son to think about a career in a medical field!"

    ~Leigh Calfee

    Odd Jobs

    • Knife sharpening
    • Windshield repair
    • Satellite/Internet repair
    • Clothing alterations
    • Selling on eBay
    • RV mobile repair
    • RV supply sales