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A-G families that have travelled fulltime and may do it again

These families are no longer traveling fulltime for one reason or another. There is still a wealth of information on their web sites.

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Allen Family

Green Shoes Hit the Road

We are a family of 3 with two huskies who found ourselves in limbo with the offer to borrow an Airstream trailer for 3 months. What's a better opportunity than hitting the road, experiencing local attractions, and living a simplified lifestyle?

FOTR since 4/1/2011 - added 5/23/2011

Anderson Family

Freely Living Life

We are a family of four that lives fulltime in our RV. Please join us as we explore beautiful North America while providing our children with the ultimate gifts of traveling, learning, and living!

FOTR since 9/01/04 - added 2/9/10


Atkins Family

We are an English family of six who left the UK July 2007 to travel the world in British Leyland bus we have converted into a home. Our children our 16, 12, 10 and 7.

FOTR since 7/13/2007 - added 1/13/08 - settled 9/12/08


Balkum Family

We are Scott and Cynthia Balkum, along with two daughters Kursten and Allison. We have a samoyed named Doogan who is also part of the family. We just sold our house this August 2007 and have begun fulltiming. We have a fifth-wheel named Great White and our 2007 Chevrolet Truck named Big Blue.

FOTR 8/2007 - added 9/7/07

Baehr Family

5 Bears Go USA

5 Baehrs

Hello, we're the Baehrs (pronounced "bear") our Dad traveled a lot with his job. We decided we would rather be together than apart. Mom, Dad, twin boys and a girl. We're all about roadschooling, adventures and making life about relationships and experiences--not stuff. Visit our web site to learn more!

FOTR 9/2008 to 1/2010 - added 8/8/08

Banisters Family

When Life Gets Messi

We are a messianic family of six. Dad is an active, spinal cord injured quadriplegic; mom is the driver of our rig; the four tween/teen aged children are busy with roadschooling and online college courses. We have sold our 5000 sq. ft. home and are piling into a 37 ft. handicapped accessible RV. We are prepared to go whenever and wherever YHWH leads us.

FOTR since 6/15/11 - added 6/11/2011

Barrett Verd

Barrett Verd Family


We are a family of four that quit our conventional lifestyle at the end of July. We've been living on the road since then and plan to head to the west coast! For now we're living on a 34' diesel class A in which I turned a closet into bunkbeds!

FOTR since 7/31/10 - added 8/6/10

Barenaked Family

From college, careers, public schools and loads of crap - we became barenakedfamily with a simple philosophy to only work, learn, and play together as a Family. It started by selling and giving away most of our crap to travel and live together as a Family of five in an RV for an extended vacation to start our own Family business. After six years on the road ('01-'07), our lives and perspective grew and changed in ways we could not have imagined. We're now livin' very scaled back based in the Seattle area and traveling a few months out of our year. We're schooling ourselves, and happily living together as two parents, three teens, two dogs, and a cat in a 2/2 545 square foot duplex.

They were featured on ABC Nightline (October 13th, 2006 - see video)

added 9/16/06


Bendickson Family

We - Rich, Connie, Ashley (12), Jake (9) and Macie, our dog - hit the road in October 2008. We're taking a step of faith trusting God to lead us and teach us as we travel around the U.S. working, homeschooling, and blessing people along the way. It's not that we didn't enjoy living the American dream in suburban Minneapolis. We loved our house, our neighbors, our friends, and family. Yet, there is another dream drawing us to something more. More time together. More time for what matters most.

FOTR since 10/2008 - added 10/21/2008

Bass Family


The Bassklan is Tom & Kim, TJ, Kameryn, and Brogan! We've got a 38ft Winnebago Chieftain Bus, a bunch of dogs, and a fish! We started out from Central Florida and are looking forward to many adventures!

FOTR since 07/09/11


Belcher Family

50 State Challenge

My wife and I, along with our four children ages 10, 8, 6 and 4. Attempt to spend one year traveling in our motorhome visiting all 50 states while home schooling (our first time). Yes, Hawaii also. We will fly over and rent an RV when we get there.

FOTR since 7/19/2010 - added 6/10/10

Bekeleski Family

Bekeleski's adventure

Our family of 4 decided to travel full time as we agreed that we had a distorted view of what was making us happy in life. The "less is more" way of life suites us! We are spontaneous adventure junkies!

FOTR since 06/01/2013 - added 7/20/2013


Best Family

We're home now in Orcutt, CA. Our lengthy travels are paid for through my writing, so I'm working on wrapping up my next book (a guide to all things family friendly in Santa Barbara County), then we'll work on getting it sold. In 2010, it's just a "short" trip to Hawaii, but in 2011, the girls and I hit the road again on an adventure designed to explore The Colonies. (Who plans this far out!?)

Temporarily Settled until 2011 - FOTR since 7/28/08 - 5/2009 - added 1/21/09


Big Truck New House Family

He’s a commercial helicopter pilot, she’s a wife and mother, one little guy and one very large German Shepherd fills up our BigTruckNewHouse (as named by our son).   We are originally from the Southeast but in 2008 we went from the HOA to the KOA and have been living full time, traveling and working in our ’01 Safari Cheetah.  Living smaller to live larger.

FOTR 10/11/08 - 8/2011 - added 12/5/08

Blackard Family

Have you ever wanted to do something adventurous, somewhat dangerous, and completely unconventional? We are loading our lives into our motorhome and taking our family on the road. So, like Abraham and Sarah, we are off, not knowing where God needs us, and completely excited for the adventure!

FOTR 4/07 - 9/07- added 3/31/2007

Blackburn Clan Family

Where you go, I go...

We are a crazy, eclectic, God-fearing family that wants to travel around America. Dad, Mom, three kids, two cats live in a 32ft Class C Sunseeker. Where God goes, we go and where he stays, we stay.

FOTR since 09/01/12 - added 7/24/2013

Blondin Family

Assignment America

A nine-month educational adventure across America, when their kids were 15 and 12.

FOTR 1996 - added 1/8/08

perkinsBluebird Family

Just Wandering

Our family has been "Just Wandering" for about 3 years now. We want to spend time enjoying life together while we are all still young-ish. We feel like we have MORE, when we have LESS and we LOVE our bus, home schooling and being on the road.

FOTR since 7/05 - added 8/14/09


Bowman Family

Follow our family of four's journey across the U.S. in a class C RV as we live simply and search for a new home to lay our roots.

FOTR since 1/1/10 - added 11/7/09

Brown Family

A perfect homestead

We are The Browns. We're a family of five with three children ages 9, 7 and 7. Yes! You read it right....TWINS! We will share our adventures with rv life, roadschooling/unschooling and running a business all while enjoying our travels.

FOTR since 07/05/2013 - added 9/11/2013


Browski Family


We are a family of 4 who took off from Northern California in a VW Eurovan in July of 2007. After traveling 30,000 miles in 100 days, through 25 states, we liked it so much that we decided to keep going and moved into a 27' Airstream. With a little more elbow room we continue our travels, always on the lookout for the next "World's Biggest" roadside attraction, and the ultimate in local cuisine, because after all...it's all about the food!

FOTR since 07/15/07 - added 11/4/08

Camping5 Family

Camping On The Road with a Family of Five (and 2 dogs!)

Our family tries to live life to the fullest as we travel cross country in our 32 foot 5th wheel. We are always looking for fun and odd things to do or see and are constantly attempting to fit trunkfuls of fresh greens and veggies into a refrigerator the size of a lunchbox. P.S. We are always on the lookout for some D&D players!

FOTR since 10/01/2011


Cashman Crusade Family

We are a family of five living in our 30' RV fulltime since June 2008. We want to see this country while living out this dream with our three, soon to be four children. We believe with all of our heart that God placed this call on our family and we desire to serve and please him with our lives. We have been picking up trash along the way and sharing the beauty of having a God-given dream.

FOTR since 07/15/07 - added 11/4/08

Castaldo Family

Family Rolls

We are a family of 6, in ministry full time focusing on addicts, alcoholics and the forgotten. We have given up the typical American dream for the mission that God has called us for. We are first time Rvers, in a 1978 Fleetwood Tioga Class C.

FOTR since 09/15/12 - added 10/31/2012

Chaffee Family & James Family

Following the Leader

We are heading on the road to share God's word and love. We are traveling with my brother-in-law's family for one year across the country to share the hope He offers to the hopeless!

FOTR since 6/29/08 - 7/18/08

Chevez Family

We saw an opportunity to slow the passage of time, enjoy time spent with our daughter (and one another), and get to know more of the country we live in while we are still young and healthy, so we took it!

FOTR 8/2006- 12/1/2006


Chinchen Family

Free Range

We are a family of 5 traveling and exploring the land. We are roadschooling our 3 children and stopping here and there to work odd jobs to keep us going.

FOTR 8/13/08 to 8/10- added 9/24/08

Clemons Family

About two years ago we sold our home in Arkansas and loaded the family in our fifth-wheel to travel for my husbands work. My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years and we have two children and two dogs. We homeschool our children and I love being with them without all the rat-race. You really don't realize how "close" your family can get in such a small space. Of course I wouldn't trade our life for anyone else's.

FOTR 10/2006 to 4/10 - added 7/13/08

Colver Family


Typical American Family living the dream trades it in for 350 square foot fifth wheel trailer with ever changing backyard. We still work but not for the same reasons. Hopefully we stay out of the ruts of our past and discover more about each other as a family as we explore America.

FOTR 10/2007 to 8/2012 - added 11/6/2007

Condie Family

Hippy Motors USA

Shianne and I have decided to sell the house and head out, We have a small internet business making vinyl decals for cars, buses, RVs, really anything, check us out at HippyMotorsUSA. it will be our only income. We have moved 6 times in the past 7 years from NY to Colorado to Virginia, back to NY. I think its time we just pack an RV and do it proper!

FOTR since 12/1/11

Cornmesser Family


Traveling Tek

We have been on the on the road off and on for the past couple of years. We are going full time as soon as we get rid of everything we own. :) We bought a brand new travel trailer and we are setting out with our 4 kids and a dog. I install networks and computer systems so I travel for that already. Might as well take the family while I do it.

FOTR since 7/1/2010 - added 5/19/10

CrazyHorse Family

Where in the World is CrazyHorse

We are a family of 3 and one small dog. Ron, Jamie, and Bailey 10. We are embarking on a journey that we hope will draw us together as a family and a healing need by all. With much prep behind us we are planning our departure for July 10, 2010.

FOTR since 7/10/10 - added 7/8/10

Crunchy Bunch Family

I am "Ima" (mom), married to "Abba" (Dad) and together we share life with 5 of the most fantastic beings ... "Mizz. Jonas" - our self proclaimed teenage gypsy, "Izman" - resident quiet comedian, "Javsar" - our dready dancing bear, "Nani" - no batteries required and Baby Micah who was born into the Universe sleeping at fullterm Oct. 19th 2008. After spending a year mourning the loss of our sweet baby boy we suffered yet another blow - lay offs. Being jobless prompted relocation cross country but in the middle of trying to find a new home we were GIFTED a 1990 34ft Pace Arrow Motorhome! Join us in our travels as we roadschool our kids and ourselves and live the opportunity of a lifetime...one day at a time!

FOTR 2/1/2010 to 8/5/2011 - added 4/25/10

Curet Family

Curet Family

Family of 4 plus dog who sold suburban house, all material possessions, gave up two great jobs and pulling to kids from school for a life on the road in a camper van in pursuit of happiness, dreams and creativity.

FOTR since 9/07/2012 - added 4/21/2012


Damms Family

That Damms Family

We are a crafting, homeschooling, LDS family of 9 that is hitting the road in December of 2009 to travel the United States. We will also be taking our 5 dogs and 2 cats along on our adventures. Our passion is learning and doing new things. We have dreamed of travelling for a very long time and finally decided to make our dream a reality and Wade quit his job with the Dept of Corrections. We love adventure and can't wait to get our trip underway and hopefully make some new and lasting friendships along the way! Join us on our journeys!

FOTR 12/09 - added 11/4/09

Davenport Family


Hello to all from the Davenports. We are Jess, Christopher, and Lillie. Been on the road in hotels mainly for a few years and just now starting our lives in a travel trailer.

FOTR since 1/13/2012

D'Elia Family


We are a family of four that could not seem to stay in one place. We're all about family, friends, fun & food! We're unschoolers coz we just love to learn. For our family...we wanted to focus on enjoying precious moments we can share NOW and to not take for granted what is really important in life.

FOTR since 9/1/2010 - added 8/8/2010

Dial Family

Sea Turtle Adventures

A family of 7, 2 parents and 5 kids; who live in. 34 foot rv. Busy exploring and learning about our word.

FOTR since - added 3/14/2010


DiParkomo Family

We are a family of three, my husband, myself and our 5-year old son, living on the road for now. We're really in search of a new place to call home, but we've given ourselves this year to explore the places we're most interested in and to travel to all those places we have wanted to see as tourists. We're also committed buddhists so we're planning on spending time in various dharma centers around the States and Canada.

FOTR since 8/2007 - updated 11/6/2008: settled in Nelson

Dor Family

A Dor-cumentary

Hi, we're a family of 5 living on the road in our 5th wheel. A year after DH's lay off we rented out our stick house and hit the road. We're now seeing incredible places, meeting wonderful people and loving life! The RV lifestyle is even better then we imagined. We don't know how long we'll be doing it for, but we're living in the moment and enjoying it while we've got it!

FOTR since 1/8/10 - added 9/4/10

Dunn Family


We are a family of four from Maine, setting out to travel around the country and experience places, people and togetherness before our kids leave the nest.

FOTR since 9/1/11 - added 12/12/2011

Don Quixote Family

Toast Floats

Don Quixote and her crew live and cruise on the Pacific Mexican coastline. Occasionally, DrC and Toast plump the cruising kitty with consulting and short term jobs up in the States. Most of the time, Toast writes and teaches, DrC fixes stuff, and the girls pretty much take care of themselves.

FOTR since 5/11/08 - added 4/19/09 : currently docked in New Zealand


Dudley Family (site down)

In January of 2008, after losing a job, my wife made the comment of "Why don't we just buy and RV and take our kids around the country?" She was half joking but then we said "Why Not?" and here we are on the road. We are Dave and Joleen Dudley, along with our son Justice (13), Adriane (9) and Jayden (7), daughter number 2. We have a big blue truck we have termed "The Beast" and pull a 41' Cyclone Toy Hauler behind it. Our plan is to travel the 48 lower states during the next couple of years and use the time to grow closer together. We hope to inspire others and hopefully meet a few more of you on the road.

Watch the Dudley's on the Today Show

FOTR since 11/24/2008 - added 12/3/08

Earl Family

AK Earls GO Blog

We are an Unschooling family on the road! We have a stick house in Palmer, Alaska that we left in September 08. We picked up our 2nd hand RV in Texas and traveled around for 7 months...we have been loving it! We are Dad - David, Mom - Julie, Son - Jake, Daughter - Hanna. Right now we are loving Florida--opposite of AK Winter!

FOTR since 9/5/08 - added 3/15/2009 (checked 8/27/09)

Ecolicious Family on Wheels

Cycling Family on wheels

We are David, Amira and Salome and just back from our testdrive in France now we go cycling from Bangkok to Malaysia to meet the elephants,enjoy nature and enjoy our family life. We have an website and webblog so you can see where we are now. Hope to meet you on the road.

FOTR since 1/12/10 - added 11/30/10

Enchanted Gypsy Family

Pixie and Moss have been traveling in a converted school bus that runs off of vegetable oil for years. And now baby Sage makes them a Family on the Road.

added 9/12/07

Estey Family

Fam In A Van

We are a family of six traveling the USA in our Chevy Conversion Van. Please join us on our daring adventure!

FOTR since 3/2011 - added 4/3/2011 (parked 4/16 for the summer or longer)

Estis Family

The Crew

We've been *nomading* off and on for a year, but finally locked the stick house up and commenced the great adventure! Dad's work requires extensive travel and we often don't know exactly where we'll be headed from one day to the next. Five kids and two parents in a rig we call Tallulah making a grand tour of America - doesn't get any better!

FOTR since 9/2008 - added 9/20/2009


Ezell Family


We are a Fulltime'n- Homeschool'n- RV'n family of five traveling throughout North America learning and experiencing the significance of memorable events, people, and places that have shaped our Country. Reading about these important moments in the dry pages of a textbook doesn't have quite the impact as submerging children into a sensory buffet of living history battles, museums, and monuments. Between all the feasts of knowledge, our family volunteers at National, State, and Local Parks to show our appreciation of all that we have experienced, allowing us to give back to the communities that have enriched our lives with such great opportunities to learn and grow!

FOTR since 11/20/09 - added 5/23/2011

Farris  Family

Farris Family

A 41-year-old single mom of two preschoolers decided to leave her job as a partner at a law firm to travel the country with her daughters. In our minivan and a very small travel trailer passed down through my family, they set out on our adventure in early May 2007 along with our two Boston Terriers. Gloria turned 5 just two weeks into our trip, and Leona is 2 and a half.

FOTR 5/2007 - 7/2007- added 5/31/2007


Fenn Family

The Travelin' Fenns

We are a Christian homeschooling family on the road living full time in our Montana Mountaineer 5th wheel. Dave recently retired from the Washington State Patrol and is still active in the Navy Reserve. We are taking this opportunity to travel across the country in order to enhance our two girls homeschool experience.

FOTR since 8/1/08 - added 11/10/08

Ferran Family

What a Trip!

We are working our way across the map to visit friends and family (and to meet family who we have never-ever met before)! We will strive to be Good Samaritans as we travel and we will value the new friends we make along the way.

FOTR since 8/2010 - added 9/24/2010

Fermin Family

Fermin Chaos

We are a family of 6. 2 adults, 4 kids, 2 dogs a cat, 2 hamsters and a snake. We purchased a bus and as soon as it's converted we plan on hitting the road. Life's circumstances have us embarking on this adventure so I guess we'll stop when life's circumstances tell us it's time. Let the adventure begin.

FOTR since 6/2010- added 3/14/10

Filan Travelers

Filan Family

6-Pack Family

We are a family of 6 now living out of a 34' RV, and loving every minute of it. Most people take the traditional route (Slave-->Save-->hope to retire with enough to enjoy the last years of your life). We have chosen to live our lives fully everyday, without fear of coming to the end of our lives and wishing we had done it differently.

FOTR since 06/11/2008 - added 8/4/2008

Fleming Family

The Gypsy Amore

Greetings and salutations! We are the Fleming family. Known to the public as the Gypsy Amore. We are a traveling musical family, in the United States. Our family consists of myself, Sunny, Dylan daddy of two, Lila Harmony Starshine (of whom was born in our Motorhome), and little Eldon Fitzgerald, who was birthed in a remote cabin in Northeasten WA. We travel between So Cal in the winter to Washington in the summer and play music wherever we can.

FOTR since 10/01/2009 - added 2/9/10


Flocking Family

The Naked Truth of Awakening - On the Rocky Road to Bliss

4 of us. Chester, Shannon, Adelei & Jack Henry. Flocking together on a coastal adventure down into Mexico up the west coast to Alaska and back down through Canada. Bonding, Beauty, Simplicity, Good Food and Adventure. Flossy, Grettle (dogs) and maybe Forrest (guinea pig) too.

FOTR 9/10 - 8/2011 - added 7/9/10

Frankfurt shadow

Frankfurt Follies Family

Such a Sight

The 'Metamorphosis': A wonderful family adventure that has had our family step to the side, away from 'the ride of life and careers', for a moment. The purpose is simple, spend time with our children before they are no longer children.

FOTR since May 2007 - added 3/11/2008

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~Mark Twain

Gailliard Family

Anishinaabek Gardens

We are a homeschooling family that travels around the United States and Canada during the summer months. Often times we are at local campgrounds in Michigan although we are also found at pow wows all over Turtle Island.

FOTR since 6/9/2014 - added 4/10/2014

Gallivant Family

We are a family of 8 who have stopped traveling full time but still want to live this lifestyle.

FOTR since 11/1/2010 - added 2/20/2011

Gaden Family

The Adventure Nickel

My little family of globetrotting wanderers. I am a travel nurse who works on land and as a cruise ship nurse.

FOTR since 07/01/10 - added 5/21/2013

Garrett Family

We are on an expedition through South America with our recently imported 4x4 RV from the states. Josh an American and Andrea a German, we have a daughter Lotta, born in Germany. We have set out to travel as much as possible before settling down to a more rooted life once she starts Kindergarten in Germany. We are volunteering throughout the many farming projects in South America and Josh will be offerring his engineering services. Please follow the Garrett's while they travel through South America.

FOTR since 1/26/2012

Goddard/Hayfron-Benjamin Family

Intense Lives

Fulltiming around the continent with one mom and two children. We are heavy gamers, organic gardeners and unschoolers. We spend lots of time in the high desert of West Texas and in Southern Florida.

FOTR since 8/09 - added 6/22/2009

Golden Family

Golden Gang

We are the Golden Gang! We are a family of seven that "hit the road" a year ago and LOVE it!! What an awesome country we live in. There is so much to see, explore and be thankful for!

FOTR since 1/25/11 - added 1/28/11

Gordon Family

Bug out Bus

We are a LARGE family that LOVES to travel, we put over 23,000 miles on our modified Blue Bird Bus in the past 2 years. We look forward to the next adventure over the road! Home school, Home birth, Home heal, and that home travels with us everywhere we go!

FOTR since 06/15/10 - added 5/12/2012

Grant Family

The Grant Gang

We are the Grant Gang. Husband and wife and 5 elementary aged children. We plan to live in a 1988 33' Argosy. We start with a 3000 mile road trip and then back home to South Texas to see what's next.

FOTR since 05/30/13 - added 5/6/2013

Gill Family

Gill Family

Gill Adventures: Tales of a Semi-Feral Family

We wrapped up the loose ends of our life and departed on a round-the-world walkabout in February, 2010. A time when we can step away from our lives in Bend, take the girls, and explore the world. We have enrolled the girls in an online school and headed to one of the dozens of places on our "go list".

FOTR since 2/14/2010 - added 4/16/2011


Geoffroy Family

Sur un tandem en America Latina

Just back from 3,5 month on a tandem with my son of 5 and a girlfriend. From Ushuaia (argentina) to Cuzco (Peru).

FOTR since 1/2011 - added 7/29/2011


Goodman-Caines Family

We loaded our 3 kids and dog into our gas guzzling SUV and travel trailer and left Barrie, ON, Canada on November 1, 2008 for our big family adventure! We are traveling with another Unschooling family across the U.S. and Western Canada. We sold the house, the stuff and are simply trusting in it all and learning as we go.

FOTR 11/1/08-7/2010 - added 11/22/08

godwin Godwin Family

RVing Road Trip

We are a family of four setting out on a year long road trip around the country. The family members are Brian, Polly, Zachary, Carson and Bella (Our dog). We are leaving the Asheville, NC area when school gets out the end of May 2009. We hope to spend this time giving our children an experience of a lifetime. We are completely tired of the rat race of our current lives and know that there is more to life. We know our lives will never be the same after this.

FOTR since 5/29/09 - added 4/25/09

Goza Family

Goza Family


The ever-nomadic Gozas toured as a family non-stop since 1988. And technically they are still on the road. Well, dad Dennis and mom Kimberly are still going, but son Zephyr moved into a stick house, after 16 years of living on wheels. His first since he was 18 months old. Their web site still offers a unique perspective of life on the road.

FOTR since 8/1992 - added 8/8/06

Gregorich Family


While homeschooling their two sons, they have camped in 15 different states and traveled a total of 30,603 miles so far. That is the combined mileage between the motorhome and their tow vehicle which they use for the local trips.

FOTR 10/2005 - 8/2006 - added 3/13/2008

grossman family

Grossman Family

After living in London, UK for six years, the Grossmans are moving back to the US and re-introducing their children (ages 7 & 11) to America via a year-long trip.

FOTR since 8/15/09 - added 5/20/09

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