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Meet Families Living the Dream

Come see what life on the road is really like for these families who are experiencing it first hand.

  • Some families are on the road fulltime because of their jobs. Be it construction, entertainment, webdesign, health care providers, truckers and work campers. Others have saved up and taken an early retirement.
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  • Some have one child, others have four, or six or eight...
  • Some are on the road with babies, teens and all ages in between.
  • Some spend a day or two in one spot, others several months.
  • Some are single parents, others are multi-generational, others are the more tradional mom, dad and kid(s)

If your family is living on the road, you can be a part of the FOTR Family Pages.

Traveling Families: A-C

Aljo Family

The Possible Dream

One family putting aside the typical "American Dream" and making their own dreams of travel, simplicity and being debt free, come true. We are a family of 4, mom, dad, a tween daughter and a teen son and one dog. Our family calls a 29ft travel trailer home after downsizing from a 5,000 sq ft home.

FOTR since 4/21/2012 - added 10/2012

Anderson Family

Anderson Family

Symphonies of Hope

We have been travelling with our family for several years from where we started in Wisconsin, through Mexico, all the way to Guatemala...In our van pulling a homemade 8x20 popup camper. We have started several small Christian orchestras along the way, teaching violin to children who have few opportunities in difficult places. We and all of our children play string instruments and sing. We hope to bless and encourage as many people as possible with our small Symphony of Hope.

FOTR since 6/2010 - added 9/7/2010

Anderson Fam

Anderson Family

Hair in the Air

Buckle up as you begin a "hair raising" ride on the roller coaster of life! Live the journey of Jon, JeMA, 4 kids, a dog, a cat, and a fish named Turtle as they experience the US for a year in an RV! JeMA is traveling the nation sharing her art with those she meets, as her family supports her dream. Welcome to the journey!

FOTR since 1/5/11 - added 1/28/11

Aniweda Family

The Aniweda Dream

We're a family of 3 getting back on the road again. We will spend several months in CA, attend a few festivals and then do the same on the East coast. We are two Yogi sisters and a single, Yogi WAHM. We're trying to do this as sustainably as possible and spend as much time in nature and connecting with the culture of our environments as possible. We are intent on spreading awareness and compassion through Karma yoga, the yoga of service and road-schooling as a family.

FOTR since 8/1/12 - added 6/24/12

Audirsch Family

Beautiful Chaos

We are living on the road in a 33 foot travel trailer with our 9 children. We are traveling the roads of the USA learning, discovering, adventuring and spending time with each other.

FOTR since 05/13/2013 - added 5/18/2013

Aughinbaugh Fam

Aughinbaugh Family


A family of 6 in search of adventure, intentional time together and life bonding memories. Sound fun? Well that is what we have signed up for! We are on a one year odyssey of fun, excitement, and awesomeness! Follow our journey as Tim, Rory, Allison, Ethan, Owen and baby girl Sophia learn how to thrive together and discover all the goodness God has to offer!

FOTR since 09/09/2013 - added 8/5/2013


Bailey Family

Baileys On The Road

We're a family of four with two school-aged girls. Weve decided to RV full time and home school our girls. There is so much to see that who knows how long we will live on the road. We'll see which way the wind blows.

FOTR since 10/13/12 - added 11/26/2013


Baker Family


We are an average, young family from Indianapolis. After graduating college, getting married, starting a business, and getting pregnant, we were overwhelmed with how scripted our life had become. We began looking for alternatives, more unconventional ways. We connected with several lifestyle design bloggers and began redesigning our own life. We began by selling the unnecessary things in our life to pay off consumer debt. That led into selling everything, so we could travel abroad. We began full-time traveling two years ago with Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. We are exploring the US via our Class C Motorhome since Jan 2011!

FOTR since 1/1/11 - added 1/28/2011

Barnes Family

Barnes's Road Schooling RV Adventure

My name is Jeff, I am the father of four awesome 'minions' and the husband to a wonderful wife. We plan to spend the next month living in our new 2013 Cougar High Country as a way to learn about home schooling on the road. As a health care consultant, I have been given the opportunity for an extended stay on location. We thought it would be a great opportunity to experience something new, grow as a family, and just see where this adventure takes us. Wish us luck, I am sure we are going to need it.

FOTR since 07/30/2012 - added 8/3/2012

Basham Family

Travel for Life Family

We have been on the road for almost 5 years all over the US traveling in our 5th wheel. We have a toddler and 2 lab babies. Still loving the adventure, learning something new every single day about living on the road, and making memories.

FOTR since 02/1/98 - added 9/4/2012

Beasley Family

Life is Great in a 31 by 8

We are a very close knit family who lives to camp. Our dream is to travel the United States in a camper with our family, "roadschooling" as we go along. We do everything together, so hitting the road would be almost normal for us! We love to find fun, family oriented activities to do together.

FOTR since 08/15/2012 - added 6/4/12

Bender Family

Travel With Bender

We left Australia in May 2012 with a 2 & 3 year old and have been travelling ever since. SE Asia, USA, Central America, Middle East, Europe... and more to come!

FOTR since 05/05/12 - added 11/3/2013

Beverley Family

Discovering Americas 58

Good day to one and all. We are the Beverley family and we are involved in an educational journey like no other. I am taking my family around the United States to visit the national parks.

FOTR since 10/3/2010 - added 1/6/2014

Blas Family

Trading in the fast life for a happy life with my husband and three boys.

FOTR since 12/1/2015- added 11/18/2015

Bontrager Family

Life's a Trip

A family of seven traveling the U.S. in a fifth wheel. Dad works in the oilfield and Mom works hard keeping the kids and holding down the fort.

FOTR since 08/1/2012 - added 12/6/2012

Bottling Moonlight Family

Bottling Moonlight

After living and working in the Washington, DC area for the past seven or so years and dreaming of open-ended travel and a new, quieter place to call home, we've decided to put almost everything we own in storage and hit the road with our young son. We were traveling around the country in a VW Eurovan until it died on the side of the road in Memphis. We're now traveling in a car with a tent and hope to explore this great country while finding a new place to call home.

FOTR since 04/01/2013- added Saturday, 6/29/2013

Boyink Family


The formulas are failing. Jobs no longer mean security. Houses no longer mean equity. Retirement no longer means travel. 9/11 pushed us out of the corporate world to self employment. Add in homeschooling and we're not tied to anyone else's agenda or schedule. At some point that we could put wheels under life - we labeled it our "Pipe Dream" and filed it away until last fall. Determined to take it seriously and not miss the opportunity we have with our kids we dusted off the dream and renamed it Boyinks4Adventure.

FOTR since 9/30/2010 - added 7/2/10


Bradley Family

Sattvic Family

We are a holistic and artistic nomadic unschooling family, currently residing in Phuket, Thailand. Last year, we lived in both South Korea and Italy. Slow travel is a way of life for us!

FOTR since 8/9/08 - added 8/7/11

Brewer Family

Motoring Down

We are a family of 4, me, the wife, our daughter and new son. My wife and I are in our late twenties and our daughter is 4 and we have recently determined that the best course of action for us at this time in our lives is to make our home a motorhome. I am a full time student with all of my class conducted online. This is a wonderful time to be traveling, we have young kids and I am not tied down to a job. And I have never seen the ocean. What more reason is needed?

FOTR since 09/15/12 - added 8/24/2012

Burkett Family

Blue Bird Travels

We are a family of 4 living in our converted school bus, traveling the country for a year to experience life and each other. Each day has new insights into what we are all about and enjoying the challenge!

FOTR since 7/1/13 - added 9/16/2013

Burnette Family

We are a family of seven beginning our adventure starting the end of next month. Anticipating where our journey may lead us!

FOTR since 3/31/2015 - added 2/21/2015

Burns Family


Bringing two kids and dog on our one year sabbatical after retiring from 23 years of military service.

FOTR since 6/17/2014 - added 5/24/2014

Bussiere Family

Three for the road

My name is Curt, My wife of 30 years is Marie. Together we are raising our granddaughter and in June of 2014, after our garage sale we are giving the keys to the S&B back to the landlord and hitting the road full time to travel this great exceptional country and homeschool our beautiful granddaughter.

FOTR since 6/13/14 - added 4/8/2014

Cage Free Family

This is our story of our journey to find our true values and apply them to our lives.Watch us change everything about ourselves as we move from the six figure funded ties which bind the American middle class to Cage Free movement toward our true dreams; a farmstead funded healing community. In this crazy, overcomplicated world where we begin to feel like slaves to our possessions this little family of 7 (1 mom, 1 dad, 3 kids and 200 lbs of dog) made a leap. We donated all of our belongings and bought a 25 year old RV to hit the road and teach our kids, and ourselves, a thing or two about the differences between *want and need*.

FOTR since 6/2008 - added 5/14/2010

Cameron Family

Venturing Towards The Horizon

Our family of four sold our house and bought a 42 foot 5th wheel to travel and live in for the next year. Follow us on our adventures on the road.

FOTR since 8/8/15 - added 8/4/15


Canfield Family

Canfield of Dreams

Our family consists of 3 - Joel, Sue and Fiona. Our businesses allow us to work anywhere there's internet access. We have a worldwide network of friends and associates. We plan to write a book and create a DVD, partly to share the journey's fun, and partly to share its lessons.

FOTR since 9/30/2010 - added 9/30/2010

Carlton Family

Travelling Awesomes

We are a roadschooling family of 5 hoping to broaden our minds while we broaden our horizons!

FOTR since 10/01/11 - added 2/26/2012

Carney Family

We Are The Carneys!

Ex-NHL Dad, Model Mom and their tween triplets plus one are planning to hit the road in their "new" motor coach June 1-Jan. Life in Arizona is so full and busy, that we are taking a time out to enjoy each other and explore our country!

FOTR since 6/1/2014 - added 3/12/2014

Champ Family

Champs On The Road

The Champs are a family of 6, my father, myself, four daughters, 1 turtle and 1 cat. This is our start, autism, aspergers, dyslexia, dysgraphia and other labels we are leaving behind and learning on the road! This will be OUR American Dream!

FOTR since 03/2013 - added 1/16/2013

Charlton Family

Wild Life - Chronicles of a Vagabond Family

We are a traveling family, sort of like vagabonds or gypsies, but not nearly as mysterious. We've been fulltime RVers, renters, prolonged hotel guests, and very, very extended visitors with family. What makes us different is that we don't get to choose where we go. We go where the jobs go. This blog chronicles our experiences traveling across the country, the places we stay and play on our journey, the tools that we love (and even those we don't), and our experiences homeschooling our kids.

FOTR since 05/01/2013 - added 3/21/15

Claire Family

4 Little Men and Girly Twins

We are a family of 8, dad, mom, 4 boys & twin girls. Our summers are full of farming, gardening, homeschool/unschool & living the slow life on our farm in North Dakota. Our winters are full of traveling, roadschooling, photography & lots of adventures.

FOTR since 01/01/12 - added 3/11/12

Clon ClanCloninger Family

Clon Clan Caravan

We are a recently retired military Christian family that want to see this amazing country for at least a year. 2 adults, 3 kids (11 and 6 yr old boys and 4 yr old baby girl), a 13 yr old cockapoo in a 33 ft fifth wheel. We take every opportunity to meet people and serve where we are able.

FOTR since 5/14/15 - added 8/4/15


Coast to Coast Trips Family

The Coast to Coast Trips

We are "The Coast to Coast Trips" - Fraternal triplets, Mom, Dad, and three little dogs. We are traveling across the U.S.A., eager to learn, meet new friends, explore new places, and make the most amazing memories together!

FOTR since 12/09 - added 6/24/10

Coker / Lentz Family

Fam on the Lam

On July 1, 2013 Jeff and Jessica hit the road with our two kids and an old and farty dog, determined to travel around the United States and Canada for a year. It quickly became apparent that our misadventures needed to be documented.

FOTR since 07/01/2013 - added 1/26/2014

Cole Family


We are a family of three - Donald and Kimberly Cole and Kimberly's 15 year old daughter Kayla. We are stationary in Harrison Arkansas while Kayla attends school, but during vacations and summer breaks we are traveling the country. Donald is disabled retired and Kimberly owns her own online freelance writing company.

FOTR since 01/28/2012 - added 3/12/2013

FOTR since 2016

ColliersColliers Family

Meet the Colliers

Hi! We're the Colliers. For the past 2 ˝ years we've traveled fulltime with our 4 children, both with and without the RV- and have enjoyed each and every moment. We decided to homeschool our kids, which allows the whole family to learn new things wherever we are at the present time and discover the surrounding areas in depth.
While we travel, Antwon & I workamp® for income and a FHU, run an online business and write articles about this awesome lifestyle, for publications within the RV community.

FOTR since 09/04/2013 - added 5/11/2016

Conway Family

Conway Sailors

We are a family of 5 who are setting sail for adventure and togetherness in July 2012. Follow our journey from Maine to Grenada!

FOTR since 7/01/12 - added 3/5/2012

Cook Family

2 P's and Their Pod

We are a family of 5 with three young kids. Dad is a union electrician, worked slowed back home (WA state), and instead of leaving the pod behind to seek work, he bought a travel trailer and loaded us all up to join him on this adventure! We are currently in Southern CA (where we have relatives) and have been here since July 2012.

FOTR since 7/01/2012 - added 1/1/2013

Coppock Family

Our Leap of Faith

Our family felt called to get rid of the "stuff" and downsize our from almost 3,100 square feet down to a 427 square foot camper. We start our full-time adventure this weekend and hope to be able to ride it out. The house goes on the market next week, so we'll see how it goes.....

FOTR since 1/18/2014 - added 1/17/2014

Costello Family

Parenting from the Stage

"We are a homeschooling family bluegrass and gospel band, singin' for our supper, while living in a converted school bus named "Benny". We purchased Benny in June, sold our house in July, and are took the grand leap, stepping out of the boat in late December of 2011, walking by faith upon the water."

FOTR since 8/10/11

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