Having Access to Internet On the Go Improves Your Social Media Approach

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Having Access to Internet On the Go Improves Your Social Media Approach

Internet access on a smartphone exponentially increases the situations in which you can monitor and post to your social media accounts. Whether you use social media for personal communications or as a professional tool, mobile devices can be a huge asset in maintaining your social network relationships. Most social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have apps designed specifically for devices that are used on the go. For instance, the BlackBerry.com Facebook app can be downloaded in just seconds and grants you access to most Facebook features. Here are some tips on making the most of them.

Personal social networking accounts can be updated whenever you feel like it, but if you run a page on behalf of your company, you need to post consistently so that your followers will come to count on you. Unless you're chained to your work desk all day (and hopefully you're not) there are times when you really should be updating the company Facebook page, but you're away from your computer. With a smartphone or tablet, it's possible to update your social network pages several times throughout the day even if you're out of the office.

Real Time Updates
When you update from a computer, you're usually talking about something after it's already happened. Because your mobile device lets you jump on the Internet, you can update your friends and fans about something as it happens. This might include a Twitter live-blog of a conference or other presentation, or Facebook updates about a concert or other presentation. You'll seem like you're much more on top of things if you're talking about things in real time. If you wait even a few hours to show off a piece of news, chances are someone else on the web has already beat you to it. 

Other Media
Using the internet on the go from a device with a camera also increases the type of content you can quickly add to a social networking page. Instead of just posting about a presentation or other event, you can snap photos or videos of it and then immediately upload them to your page. This gives your friends and followers an interesting visual of what you're talking about instead of just a dry description.

Indeed, social media access on the go has changed the way that many businesses communicate with their public. For more information on mobile apps that can be useful for professional social networking, check out this article from Social Media Today.