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About Us

About Families on the Road is a community site about living full-time on the road.
Since 1988 we have been providing information about Homeschooling, RV travel with children, Setting up residency as well as general life on the road.

FOTR Purpose

It is not the intention of this site to duplicate resources that are already available for the fulltime RVer. But rather, to direct you to those resources, and focus instead on the unique issues that face families traveling with children. The focus of FOTR is on topics such as choosing an RV that can accommodate a family, meeting the demands of a traveling occupation, raising children on the road, and the all-time number one question "What about school?". The goal is to share what we other traveling families have learned and enable everyone to contribute their own experiences, ideas and knowledge, so we can all learn from each other.

Whatever your circumstances, and whatever your reasons for choosing to fulltime with your family, welcome to the Families on the Road web site! Please consider this site a 'rest stop' along the Information Highway - a place where you can connect with other families on the road, share information and experiences, and give and receive support for this exciting lifestyle we have chosen. We hope that you find this site helpful, informative and, above all, encouraging.

Meet our Families

Some families travel with occupations that require mobility - such as construction, telecommunications, and entertainment. Others have traded in fast-paced careers for a life on wheels - maybe for a year, maybe for a lifetime! We are a diverse group, composed of various cultures, economic brackets, occupations and lifestyles. Families on the road include grandparents raising children, families headed by a single parent, and any number of children. But we all share a love of the open road, wherever it may take us.

Have you found a link or resource that fulltime traveling families should know about? If you see something that is missing from the site, out of date or needs attention, let the us know.

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