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Travel Books

Can't live without books? Find out how to get your book fix on the road.

Books about Fulltime Family Travel in an RV

Steeles on Wheels
by Mark and Donia Steele

Jamie Hall (author RV Travel Tales and Support Your RV Lifestyle!) says "For anyone dreaming or considering the fulltime RV lifestyle, this is a must read. Between humorous e-mail accounts of their adventures from all three of them (Mark, Donia and Cleo the dog), the book is peppered with how-to's and explanations of how the full-time lifestyle works. If you are a newbie or experienced RVer, you'll want pencil in hand to add new places to your list to visit. I particularly enjoyed reading about the regional foods and interesting restaurants and laughed, remembering the adjustments that must be made when downsizing into an RV. Great read!"

Live Your Road Trip Dream
by Phil and Carol White

"Live Your Road Trip Dream" offers nuts-and-bolts advice for anyone thinking about running away from it all for a year - and even taking it with you in the process. Phil and Carol White guide you on the planning and budgeting process, then take you on a day by day journey, which includes, in their case, national parks, golfing and more! This couple is retired and they toured in a van, staying at many hotels along the way, (thus the amount they budgeted for lodging is atypical of those traveling in an RV) but the advice is still beneficial to those of us with families - or even those who are single.

Written in a friendly bantering style, this book will inform and inspire. Complete with planning check lists for budgeting and getting ready to roll.

It Isn't a Bus: Pioneering Motorhomers Cross the USA
by Martha French Patterson, Sally Patterson Tubach

The true story of the Patterson family's cross-country trip in a converted Flexible bus in 1951. Before the days of manufactured RVs, few Americans had dreamed of family travel in a housecar, as the Patterson dubbed their rolling home. You will cry with this family's difficulties, rejoice over their triumphs and laugh about their amusing entanglements as you accompany them throughout this challenging journey.

Take Back Your Life - Travel Fulltime In An RV
by Stephanie Bernhagen

A book written for younger fulltimers, containing two whole chapters on fulltiming with children! Highly recommended.

Fulltime RVing - A Complete Guide to Life on the Open Road
by Bill and Jan Moeller

This book contains a wealth of information, including a few pages devoted to fulltiming with children.

RV Traveling Tales, Womens Journeys on the Open Road
by Jamie Hall and Alice Zyetz

Roll Your Own by Jodi Pallidini and Beverly DubinRoll Your Own

Browsing the shelves at a library I recently stumbled upon this gem of a book from 1974. Roll Your Own: The Complete Guide to Living in a Truck, Bus, Van, or Camper

It is definitely from the retro hippy era but fascinating nonetheless from a historical perspective. Highlights include chapters on traveling with kids, pets and road schooling. They even call it "road schooling" and here I thought we all coined that term in past couple of years. Photos and letters from kids on the road in their own handwriting make it a treasure. There is some practical advice that applies even today.

The book is out of print so if you can find a copy grab it.

Cross Country by Robert Sullivan

Cross Country tells the tales that come from fifteen years of driving across the country (and all around it) with two kids and everything that two kids and two parents take when driving in a car from one coast to another, over and over, driving to see the way the road made America and America made the road.

Headfirst Into America by Marlene Smith-Graham


The story of the Graham family's adventures as they traveled through all 50 states in a year.

Roadside Guides

Watch It Made in the U.S.A.: A Visitor's Guide to the Companies That Make Your Favorite Products by Karen Axelrod

More than just a travel guide, Watch It Made In the U.S.A. will help readers appreciate firsthand the products, companies, technology, and workers that inspire our economy. Authors and factory tour experts Karen Axelrod and Bruce Brumberg provide fascinating photographs, advice for business and family travelers, helpful itinerary planners, and all the practical information necessary to visit nearly 300 factories and company museums across the U.S.A., from Boeing to Ben and Jerry's, Hallmark to Harley-Davidson.

Watch It Made in the U.S.A.: A Visitor's Guide to the Best Factory Tours and Company Museums

Have you ever wondered how toothpaste gets into the tube? How stripes get on a candy cane? More than just a travel guide, Watch It Made in the U.S.A. helps you experience firsthand the products, companies, technology, and workers that fuel our economy, from Ben and Jerry's to Harley-Davidson. Whether you're curious about potato chips or computer chips, cars or crayons, you can count on authors and factory-tour experts Karen Axelrod and Bruce Brumberg to help you and your family discover information about more than 300 ordinary and extraordinary products most of us take for granted.

Weird USA by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman

Looking for the unusual? Keep the kids entertained with this guide to odd America. Uncover miniature towns, bottle houses, cursed roads, oversized balls of twine and bizarre roadside attractions. Explore beyond the beaten path.

And while you are in the mood for strange and unusual see if a shoetree is growing near you.

Storybook Travels by Colleen Dune Bates

In their imaginations, children travel the world when they read such books as Madeline, A Bear Called Paddington, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Little House on the Prairie. Make these imaginary journeys a reality for your children with visits to the actual settings of these and dozens more of the best-loved tales in children's literature. Storybook Travels is the ultimate guide for book-loving parents in search of vacations the whole family will enjoy.

Books about RV Basics

The RV Makeover Bible by Jack and Julee Meltzer

Makeover Bible

The first book that focuses on the rewarding process of remodeling and upgrading RV interiors. At close to 300 pages and more than 325 photos and illustrations, The RV Makeover Bible is filled with valuable ideas, expert advice, and easy-to-follow remodeling techniques.

*Only available online - in bookstores in late summer

Over The Next Hill by David and Dorothy Counts

An ethnographic study of fulltime RVers. Although it focuses primarily on the over-55 age group, it makes for interesting reading.

Spirit of the Open Road by Peggi McDonald

Many RVers, including other traveling families, have found this an indispensable guide to the RV lifestyle. Written by a Canadian fulltime RVer, it contains some information of particular interest to Canadian RVers, along with much helpful advice that will benefit all RVers.

Books About Homeschooling

Roadschooling Ryan

And What About College? : How Homeschooling Can Lead to Admissions to the Best Colleges & Universities by Cafi Cohen

Another helpful resource that reviews various home school programs.

The Complete Home Learning Source Book by Rebecca Rupp

Home Schooling For Excellence by David Colfax, Micki Colfax

The Unschooling Handbook and Homeschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith

Homeschooling on a Shoestring by Melissa L. Morgan, Judith Waite Allee, Jonni McCoy

Educational Travel on a Shoestring by Melissa L. Morgan and Judith Waite Allee

Big Book of Home Learning Volume 1 by Mary Pride

This book reviews all the major curriculums and correspondence schools for grades 1 through 12.

Christian Perspective

Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual: Elementary Grades and Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual: Junior/Senior High by Cathy Duffy