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Huttopia provides environmentally-friendly holidays amid nature for families seeking extraordinary natural beauty spots to stay in.

The Shantee House located in Budapest, Hungary is a must for any Eastern European itinerary. We've always loved this laid-back hostel in south Buda.

provides conscious eco-travel thru global worldschooling retreats.

These are just a few helpful resources for families traveling Internationally for extended periods. The exchange platform for world schoolers

World Schooler Exchange is a central platform for people using the world to educate themselves and their families through travel. This site is for all world schooling individuals and families out there who want to live like a local and fully experience another country. Rather than just the usual house swap for a week or two, here you will find swaps for people who want to spend a bit longer and totally immerse themselves in a local community. Everything here is really useful and relevant to making your global learning experience easier, helping you connect with other world schooling families round the world.

World School Inc. org Education Through Exploration

World School provides well-rounded international education opportunities for high school students through programs focusing on community service, history, environmental awareness and culture.

Created in 2001, World School gives high school students an opportunity to discover, experience, and understand different cultures and environments.

World World Changers Think Differently

Project World School Inspiring temporary learning communities around the world for teens & young adults.

Wandering Educators A Travel Library for People Curious About the World.

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Not quite sure if the Hostel your looking for is worth it. is the best way to find out.

Country We believe in the profound rewards of traveling the world actively as a family. Exposing our kids to different cultures and landscapes, showing them the places where the stuff of history books actually happened and having a ton of fun together in the great outdoors.

Country roadThe FunkLounge Welcome to Funk Lounge Hostel,Bar and Restaurant,we offer essentials for an unforgettable stay in Zagreb, Croatia. About Funk Lounge Hostel Funk Lounge is a friendly, clean and modern hostel that welcomes all travelers on a mission to explore Zagreb. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of our hostel and let your stay in Zagreb begin with beautiful smiles, free welcome drink and funky music at our hostel's bar! Our hostel is centrally located within a walking distance to Old Town of Zagreb, Zagreb's most beautiful park Maksimir, city Zoo and football stadium.

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