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Meet Families Living the Dream

Come see what life on the road is really like for these families who are experiencing it first hand.

  • Some families are on the road fulltime because of their jobs. Be it in construction, entertainment, webdesign, health care, or work camping. Others have opted to leave suburbia behind and some have taken an early retirement.
  • Some have one child, others have four, or six or eight...
  • Some are on the road with babies, teens and all ages in between.
  • Some spend a day or two in one spot, others several months.
  • Some are single parents, others are multi-generational, others are the more tradional mom, dad and kid(s).

If your family is living on the road, you can be a part of the FOTR Family Pages.

Our unique community of traveling families
is best described below. Whether you travel in a
converted bus or a Prevost Motorhome, this is what makes you a "Family on the Road".


One family putting aside the typical "American Dream" and making their own dreams of travel, simplicity and being debt free, come true. They are a family of 4, mom, dad, a tween daughter and a teen son and one dog.
They call a 29ft Airstream travel trailer home after downsizing from a 5,000 sq ft home. Follow along as they travel the country meeting other airstreamers along the way.

A family of 5 in their unique converted school bus remodeled "Scholl Bus" style that includes a Popup Camper 2nd level. They believe that anything is possible if you want it bad enough, no matter how out of the ordinary it may be. This family is looking for adventure around every turn, and loving the freedom of a traveling lifestyle.We plan to enjoy the new places, people, and experiences we are blessed with on this journey.

A family of four who decided to set out on an adventure together. They hit the road in 2011 and "planned" to see all 48 contiguous states in a year. Well after 4 plus years on the road they did it!

Dad runs the Media business from the 5th wheel or truck passenger seat while they simutaneously pray for their lives. Mom homeschools the boys, writes blogs and redefines "home" workouts.

These families are getting ready to hit the road. Their launch date is within 4 months and their web site/blog focuses on the process of getting ready to go.

Let's wish them luck on their upcoming adventures!

An artistic family of three from Santa Cruz, California who are off to explore the world. They want to see the world and know it more deeply, connect deeper with themselves as individuals, as a family and with others. Looking to experience freedom, bliss and peace in new and profound ways with time to bask in it.

Watch a video of their daughter playing her violin in world renowned locations.

With our 7 children in a 45' bus, we're hitting the road to create an experience of a lifetime, to homeschool, to unschool and to see what the country has in store for our 12 month trip. You could say we're enjoying our retirement while our eyesight is good, our knees still work, and our kids still want to spend time with us. Follow along and see what life on the road is really like for families who have more than 6 kids traveling with them.

The Thompson family have decided to travel on the road for a year with their 2 boys after our husband/dad dedicated 10 years serving this great country in the Untied States Marine Corps. The Military lifestyle has been an awesome experience, one that I am proud to call my husband my hero. They have spent many years apart but Their marriage has become stronger when many others have fallen apart around them. They are getting back to what's important "Family" to bring an already close family closer by traveling across the states learning together. Come join them as they explore a whole new world & follow them as they begin their adventure.

Come join these families who are new to this RV lifestyle as they explore this great country firsthand. Follow them through the beginning stages of life on the road. From Boondocking at WalMart to hiking through Yosemite National Park.

Let the adventure of a lifetime begin!!

Paul and Chris Weaver have been married for nearly 25 yrs., are blessed with 8 children and reside in the NE GA mountains where they all work together in a small family business~when they're not traveling.

They instilled the love of music in the children at a young age. From the time they were little, they were taken around to sing for shut-ins, nursing homes & small groups~and it grew from there.

When Paul taught them to play instruments, it only added to the music resulting in the birth of the WEAVER BELIEVER. Since the children are homeschooled, it allows them the time & freedom to travel. They sing in tight family harmony & play guitars, banjos, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic bass & stand-up bass ~ joyfully using their God-given talents to bring honor & glory to the Lord.

Meet one family who is bringing their ministry to those who need it. Their current adventure involves ministry work as a new mission organization which they began in 2007 called (Believer's Bridge). As a result, they have committed themselves to bringing the truth of God's word to others.

We are a family of five, and we homeschool our three boys.

We're an unschooling, raw vegan family of five; setting off to explore this great big world together. We're installing solar panels, and in the process of learning more about a diesel to veggie oil conversion. Conservation is the name; Simplicity is the game.

Our hearts are wide open, our minds are full of wonder, and our arms are ready to embrace. Carpe Diem!

We are an ordinary family who has decided to travel round the world for a year backpacking, volunteering, blogging to promote greater cultural understanding and raising funds for humanitarian projects. My name is Teresa, and my children are Jennifer, Meagan, Alex and Bella - all teenagers or close to it. Round the World with Us, has a number of projects for the up coming year that can help change the world.

We are a family of five that began our adventure in 2009. We have three kids and have no plans for ending our journey any time soon. We enjoy workamping and have found work in the electrical field. Finding work on the road can be challenging at times but with the right mindset and attitude many opportunities present themselves without even trying. We look forward to meeting other families on the road.

These families are no longer traveling fulltime for one reason or another.

There is still a wealth of information on their web sites and blogs.

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