These Families are Revving Up and Getting Ready to Go

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Come see what life on the road as a family is like for families who are selling their houses and getting ready to travel fulltime.

If your family is living on the road or getting ready to and has a web site or travel journal (blog) you can be listed here .

Families with Launch Dates

Cremona Family

My Own Version of Life

We are a family of 4 (mom, dad, and two daughters.) We are excited to leave our sticks and bricks home and move into an RV. Follow our journey!

going FOTR 7/1/2011 - added 3/27/2011

Gardner Family

Knight Bus Adventures

Family of three out on the road for adventure. We plan to focus our first year of travels to the western states, and then to where ever the wind takes us.

going FOTR 11/01/11 - added 8/30/11


Clan Grondines Family

Une petite tribu nichée dans les Hautes-Laurentides et se préparant à faire le grand saut: vendre la maison, nos biens et partir à l'aventure pour découvrir cette terre qui est nôtre, mais encore inconnue...Un voyage planifié d'un an sans aucune planification, avec 2 adultes, 2 enfants et un motorisé!

We've been reading your blogs for quite some times, and now are ready to join this big family, even in french!

going FOTR 9/2011 - added 6/3/2011

Just Added

Rhodes Family

Rhodes Family

Hello all. We are the Rhodes Family, Chad, Jenny, Connor, and Nessa. I am retired Army, taking classes online for IT, and Jenny is a stay at home Mom. Our children are home schooled, and we are living in Iowa at present. We have a plan to be on the road full time on or before 2018. We are passionate about de-cluttering and simplifying our lives and living on the road and teaching our kids on the way. We really want to experience life and pass that experience on to our children.

FOTR since 3/1/18 - added 8/10/2014


The Spencer family

Soon to be full time-timer, by next Summer.

going FOTR 6/1/14 - added 11/23/2013

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