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Traveling Families: L-M

Laguan Family

Laguan With the Wind

A Canadian family of three - who got rid of our worldly goods, left the city & are traveling in a minivan with a tent, across Canada. Volunteering on farms, working odd jobs & seeing where the road (literally) takes us! We are laguanwiththewind!

FOTR since 5/16/2014 - added 4/22/2014


Lanning-Haas Family

We are a family of 4, two parents, two kids and two dogs living in a 37ft. 5th Wheel, exploring the world.

FOTR since 10/11/2011 - added 11/21/2013

Lee Family

The WanderLee's

We'll start with a little bit about us. We are Sam, Val and Colden. Colden is 5 years old. We are former residents of NY, moving to Oregon, but for the next year or two, we will be spending the time full timing. We have no home base, other than our RV. We are taking it one day at a time, and having fun. No itinerary, no set schedule.

FOTR since 10/15/14 - added 11/1/2014

Lende Family

We Choose This Life

A family of eight; one daddy (Nick), one mommy (Stephanie), four sons (Aidan, Coda, Dillon & Jericho) and two daughters (Téadora & Lyric). We are a fulltime traveling family. And one thing is for sure our journey is ever changing. We choose being together, Jesus, natural living, a big family, healthy eating, homeschooling, adventure and love. You might call us crazy, that's OK, we choose crazy!

FOTR since 1/25/2012


Lin Family

Mali Mish

We are on the open road in our Airstream with our toddler Ava, our infant Mila, and our cat Yoda. Yes, I said our TODDLER and INFANT and CAT. Oh boy. Wish us luck. We might need it!

Follow us on Twitter @mailimish

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Lively Family


We are a family of eight living fulltime in a Fleetwood Discovery 40G RV touring America and Canada. The places we visit and see help to supplement our children's homeschool education. We have not set any time limit on our travels and have sold our home, so now the RV is our only home.

FOTR since 04/26/2012 - added 10/21/2012

Lundy Family

Lundy Family

Lundy 5

Meet the Lundy 5: Allen, Margie, Lizzy, Josh, and Matt. We love God, family, and adventure, in that order. We enjoy adventures like kayaking, rafting, sky diving, mountain biking, hiking, adopting, and homeschooling. Now for our next adventure, we're ready for fulltime RVing and roadschooling! We hope to meet you on the road somewhere in the USA.

FOTR since 5/2010 - added 4/9/10

MacIsaac Family

J MacIsaac Studios

Hi, J. MacIsaac Studios is a family nomadic art project. We are in the preparation stages currently but will soon be on the road full time with our two girls and our road kitty. We are setting out on an adventure to photograph the country and create art as we go. We are super excited to begin our journey.

FOTR since 10/24/2014 - added 8/31/2014

Mahan Family

Complete Family Freedom

We are a family of five who live in a fifth wheel. We started our five in a fifth adventure in February 2013. Our first destination is Idaho. Our three young boys have never seen snow, and are excited to see snow covered mountains.

FOTR since 02/25/13 - added 5/16/2013

Marchlik Family

I am a mother of four boys ages 11, 9, 8, 6. I have decided to take my boys and the RV across the country. My husband will fly in periodicly to check in with us. But we are going solo! I want the boys to see our country and can not think of a better way.

FOTR since 5/1/14 - added 2/8/2014

Marsh Family

Roadside Living

Our family decided to be radical, live different and hit the road RVing full time. Our house is under contract, we're downsizing our lives, leaving the "stuff" that doesn't matter behind and are focusing on what really matters... experiencing life as a family!!!

FOTR since 11/13/2014 - added 11/13/2013

Marshall Family

Not All Those Who Wander...

Mom & dad are photographers who have decided to pack up their family and job to hit the road full time! They have abandoned to American Dream of a bigger home and more "stuff", in order to pursue a life with more love and purpose!

FOTR since 5/13 - added 3/28/2013

McAllister Family


We are a family of 4 who answered the call to simplify and focus on experiences rather than things, traveling the country in our Winnebago Adventurer.

FOTR since 6/2/2013 - added 9/3/2013

Mehaffey Family

Mommy and me in the rv

Daddy is a contracted worker in the avionics field and the possibility of lay offs is high. When a new job came daddy spent weeks alone while mommy packed, and when the job ended mommy had to deal with broken leases and home school and lacing it all up again while researching where we might end up next. A Life in the road already was just simplified by buying the 5th wheel! So far we love it. We still dream of a permanent residence and a job for daddy that doesn't mean unexpected lay offs but for now we are halt to be together with out the stuff and in a much more simple life style with our children.

FOTR since 04/30/14 - added 7/25/2014


Miller Family

The Edventure Project

The Edventure continues... after touring Central America by van last winter we fell in love with the highlands of Guatemala. We're currently wintering in San Marcos del Lago, on Lago de Atitlan in Solola. Stop by if you're in the area...

FOTR since 3/22/08 - added 9/7/08

Millers with US flag

Miller Family

Discovering US

Hi, we are a family of 9. We are on a journey to discover ourselves, the US, and God's creation. We homeschool, live, and enjoy life on our BUS. Home is where we are at the moment and the US is our backyard. We look forward to meeting new friends on our journey.

FOTR since 8/18/09 - added 11/7/09

Mongolian Family

Modern Mongolian

Mother, Father, Son living in a fifth wheel doing travel nursing for 2-3 years or more with the objective of paying off our house in three years.

FOTR since 8/1/2013- added 10/30/2013

Moreau-Cook Family

"We are a family of 4 with two children 2 & 4 living in a RV, travelling the US for a year. Before we settle down and buy that house, we wanted to get out and explore the country and simplify our life for a year."

FOTR since 10/10/2013 - added 10/10/2013

Mulac Family

Mulac Family

Mulac Family Marketers

We are Stephanie, Greg, Marina & Morgan - the Mulac Family Marketers, who hit the road full-time in April of 2008 along with our 2 cats and a contagious zest for life. With an established online Internet-based business model that allows us to work from anywhere & set our own schedule, we currently divide our days between roadschooling our daughters, coaching, speaking at events & workshops and enjoying abundant quality time as a family to explore and absorb all that the Universe brings our way. We thrive on the gratification we get from teaching others to "monetize their passions," and take every opportunity that our travels provide to change lives with vision and integrity!

FOTR since 4/7/2008 - added 9/30/10

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