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Giggey Family

To Live Deliberately

We are a family who is creating a NEW American Dream. We are following our hearts and our dreams and choosing to live simply, to live deliberately, to suck all the marrow out of life. We are a family of 4 who chooses to live in a RV. We travel and spend our precious moments here on this earth in pursuit of our eternal goals.

FOTR since 06/01/2016 - added 2/15/2016

Gold Family

Gold Family Road Trip

We're an American family taking a year off from our overseas lives to repatriate, travel, and learn about the United States. Starting in our home state of Connecticut, this journey will take us coast to coast with stops along the way to investigate historic and cultural sites, enjoy many outdoor adventures, and reconnect with family and friends. Join us throughout the year by following our blogs and recommending great places to visit along the way.

FOTR since 9/03/14 - added 8/10/2014

The Golden Gypsies Family

The Golden Gypsies

We are a family of three plus dog. We are abandoning the typical American dream for the opportunity to live our own dream of fulltime Rving.

FOTR since 6/1/11 - added 3/7/12

Growing Rootless Family

Growing Rootless

Pete is an author and speaker, Gina is a hoop dance teacher. We are traveling full time in our TT with 4 kids, a Bullmastiff and a Chihuahua. We are pursuing our passions, chasing our dreams & finding home in our hearts.

FOTR since 09/01/13- added 10/25/2013

Hall Family

The Hall Hacienda

This is our adventure living as Nomads...Homeschooling and Travel Nursing along the way.

FOTR since 09/01/2013 - added 12/30/2014

Hall Family

Halls on the Road

Hubby retired; mom took a permanent leave. Sold the house and all we own except what could fit in the Eagle and mom's attic. Looking forward to a new life with less stress and more fun.

FOTR since 11/28/11

Hartog Family

Started Fulltime in June 2010. Jumped in the F550, hitched up the toy Hauler, and headed out with our kids

FOTR since 12/15/11

Harvey Family


We are a the Harvey family from Spearfish, South Dakota. I am Heather the wife,mother,teacher. Nathan my husband is a traveling nurse, and we have two children Piper 12, and Scout 8. We love travel and so we have combined our love with Nathan's job, bought a 5th wheel and hit the road! So far so fun....

FOTR since 6/15/12 - added 7/29/2012

Hemingway Family

Seven Sailors

We are a family of 8 traveling on a sailboat and have been for the last 3 years. We are currently in the Caribbean after sailing through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic Ocean.

FOTR since 07/15/09

Henson Family

Hhouse Truckin'

We are a family of 3 that has left the conventional life to pursue the exceptional life! We will be full-timing in our fifth wheel for an indefinite length of time as we explore our nation's beauty, roadschool our daughter, and learn to live more simply with less stuff.

FOTR since 09/28/2011

Hinz Family

Raising Faithful Branches

Hi, We are a family of six including dad (Anthony Sr), mom (Jennifer), Three sons Bailey, Tristan, and Anthony Jr and our youngest and only girl Lilaina. We love just being together and spending time with God. We thought what better way to do that then to travel together full time and see all the wonderful things God has made!

FOTR since 04/1/2013 - added 2/26/2013

Hobos with Kobos Family

We hit the road in a double cab Tundra hauling a 30 foot trailer July 2013 for a one year adventure through Canada and the USA. Mom and Dad, two preteen girls, with God and The Weather Network as our guide :).

FOTR since 2013/07/25 - added 11/29/2013

Howell Family

Saggy Wagon Trails

In Early July, our nontraditional family of three will hit the road to spend a year seeing America (west of the Mississippi). David is a retired NASA engineer. Cindy is an older Mom pushing fifty. Nathan turns ten this year and is ready for adventure. First up: Jul-Sep, on the Lewis and Clark trail (MO, NE, IA, SD, ND, MT, ID, WA). Then, Oct-Dec, on the "'Left Coast" (WA, OR, CA). Next, Jan-Mar, Snow birding along the southern border (AZ, NV, NM, TX). Finally, Apr-Jun, Peaks & Valleys (CO & high dessert areas & National parks.) We are calling our blog the Saggy Wagon Trail. S.A.G.G.Y. (See America Generation Gap Year).

FOTR since 6/30/2011 - added 2/28/2011

What The Howell? Family

Gypsy Souls

Our quest to follow our dreams as a family (with two free range children ages 4 and 18 months) and live in a swanky class A RV while we travel across this huge country, tattooing, playing, making new friends and just generally living the good life.

FOTR since 3/4/12 - added 3/3/12


Hill Family

Sweet View From The Hills

Hello...we are the Hill's! We are a family of four who stay on the road most of the year due to my husbands job. We homeschool and we are having so much fun living this life to the FULLEST on the road! Come and visit us!

FOTR since 5/2008 - added 2/14/10

Huff Family

House Of Happy Huffs

We have been homeschooling for years. Husband is a chef and called to being a minister. We decided to sell everything we own and take our family on the road to help out people who are trying to rebuild their lives in disaster areas. We are just starting out and are looking forward to making friends on the road!

FOTR since 07/10/14 - added 8/1/2014

Hunter Family

Hunters going mobile

Family of four, mama, papa, twin toddlers, living on the road to stay together as papa travels for work. Hoping to have great adventures and fun family togetherness!

FOTR since 11/10 - added 11/30/10

Hyde Family

We are a family of 5 with 2 rabbits and a cat. We have barely begun our OTR experience, having recently returned from a job-related roundtrip to Calgary. We are fulltime now that our house sold.

FOTR since 11/11 - added 1/03/12

The Johnson's Family

By The Grace of God

Hi all, we are the Johnson's. I'm Allie, my husband Crayton , goes by(Edward) middle name and our 9 year old twin boys Dylan & Aidan and lets not forget our Yorkie Lexi! We also have two adult children ages 29 & 24 that will be praying for us as we travel. We have been dreaming and going to RV shows for many, many, many years and praying to take our boys on an adventure across our great land. We finally did it! We just bought a Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome. We will be homeschooling they boys, this is a first. Might need a little help getting used to it from you all.?? We will be leaving on our voyage June 18th, 2013 heading towards So. CA with hopes of meeting many of you throughout our travels. God Bless! Allie

FOTR since 6/18/2013 - added 6/5/2013


Jones Family


We are a family of 7 travelling full time in our overland truck, Maggie. This is our third time with a home on wheels and we are loving it. We are presently travelling in Europe and the "Europe Fringe Countries". We started travelling in March 2009 and have no plans to stop.

FOTR since 03/2009 - added 9/20/ 2009

Jones Family

Keeping Up With the Jones's Eh!

A Canadian family of four deciding to go against the grain and travel this vast country (maybe world!) of ours! Follow us on our crazy adventure!

FOTR since 6/2014 - added 5/19/2014

Jakubiec Family

All those who wander are not lost.

Bought our 39ft fifth wheel already, picking out a truck this week, most likely a f450. Hoping to head out of CT in August. We are so excited! We have a 10 year old unschooler who will soon be a roadschooler. Adventure is out there!

FOTR since 8/1/2014 - added 5/22/2014

Just our little stick fmaily

Just Our Little family...

Living by Faith

We're a family of five traveling the U.S. in our 5th Wheel. Dad, mom, two kids, and our sweet little Pete (the family dog). We hit the road in August of 2010 from our home in Alaska and are currently where ever a whim has taken us. God has blessed us tremendously, and we give all glory to Him!

FOTR since 8/2010 - added 6/3/2011

The K Family Family


Dad is headed back to Afghanistan for his 3rd 1-year tour. We've sold the house, we're storing our stuff, and Mom is taking 4 kids (newborn to teenagers) and dog on the road for the year in our 5th wheel and truck. The kids have already been to 26 of the lower 48, and we'd like to make it a complete set while visiting National Parks, historic sites, museums, and natural wonders, while online schooling, early morning seminarying, hiking, exploring, and music playing. We're a quirky little family of adventure seekers, ready to make new friends, see new things, and experience new wonders to distract us from Dad's absence while he is away, and learn what can't be gleened from a dull, windowless classroom. Come join our adventures!

FOTR since 8/1/12 - added 8/9/2012

Kaler Crew

Kaler Family

Where are we now??

We are taking a year "sabbatical" to travel the east coast. Mom is finishing up her degree and dad is road schooling our three kids. So far, so good! Amen!

FOTR since 6/2009 - added 9/6/09

Karlin Family

Campfire Shenanigans

We are Rebecca and Sean Karlin. We have three children Shara , Simon and Alexis. Our epic rv journey begins in June of 2012, when we decided to rent a Class C motorhome and travel to Starved Rock State Park just southeast of Utica Illinois. Rebecca having taken numerous cross country road trips growing up in Southern California and Sean a Chicago area native knew this was going to be a fantastic time. So, with kids and our Old English Sheep Dog (Donald) in tow, we drove this huge rv 100 or so miles outside of Chicago. After having a fabulous time we decided that we were interested in one day owning our own. That dream became a reality just before the birth of our youngest in 2013. We went to an rv show because we had done some research on what floorplan we were looking for and knew this model was going to be there. The one thing we did not like about our rental was that you had to pack up everything to go somewhere and the size restrictions on the narrow roads. We figured that with a travel trailer we could unhitch and have full access to our tow vehicle. We decided to purchase a 2013 Kodiak 255BHSL. We liked this model because we needed something that was light enough to be towed by a full size suv and had sleeping accomodations for eight just in case one of the kids wants to bring a friend along. We have been happy with it ever since. Sean, after loosing his job in the family business after nineteen years and the family undergoing extreme financial hardship, Rebecca becoming diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years back, packed up our belongings and we moved to Arizona. One day we hope to become full timers. We hope that you enjoy reading this blog as we try to figure out life\'s next great adventure for us.

FOTR since 1/1/16 - added 12/24/15

Keiter Family

We're a normal family of 5, set out from Florida in January 2013 on a year-long journey around the USA. We hope to experience the amazing beauty of creation, to grow as a family and to demonstrate that life can be lived differently..

FOTR since 1/10/2013 - added 1/26/2013


Kleinkauf Family

The Flying Ks

Family of 5 (+ conure) hitting the Road Oct '13. Goal is to see all 48 contiguous states in a year. Roadschooling daughters 16, 14, and 11.

FOTR since 10/15/13 - added 8/5/2013

Knabe Family

Desert Rain

Family of 8, living full time on the road, seeking adventure, simple living, healthy lifestyle and ultimately to bask in the greatness of our Creator.

FOTR since 8/12/12 - added 8/27/2013

Kuehn Family

Travelin Welder

Meet the Travel'in Welder Family: David, Katherine, Shyanna, Savannah, Sianna and our 2 Miniature Daschunds; Deuce and Tinker. Traveling in an Inferno Toy Hauler, the 40 ft. 5th wheel of a beast by KZ. Following Daddy as he works on the Pipelines through the USA together as a family. To learn, live, love and work with each other. Traveling since September 2002 - present with intermittent stops at home base in Wann, Oklahoma.

FOTR since 9/2002 - added 10/12/2007

Kuypers Family

Joining the Gypsies

We are not just your average military, homeschooling family of six. Our four girls are not average and we have not lived an average life to date. We are extraordinary in every way. We just don't know what those ways are yet. That is why we have taken to the road as roaming gypsy, vagabond nomads on this sabbatical year to find out who we are as a family, who we are in the LORD, and what kind of cool things we have in our future.

FOTR since 05/30/13 - added 5/13/2013

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