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Traveling Families: D-F

The Daniele Family

R.V. Awesomeness

The Daniele Family: We are a homeschooling family of 3 (2 parents in our late 30s and an almost 8 year old daughter) actively pursuing a new adventure. We're packing our bags, selling our stuff, and hitting the open road in a not-yet-acquired 5th Wheel. At least that's the plan. We are extremely excited about this new chapter in our lives.

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DeBurgh Family

The Way of the Passionate Warrior

Hi! Our family includes me (Hugh), my wife, and our four children (all tweeners). We just completed our first circumnavigation of the US and Canada, and are refitting now to begin our second leg. We are traveling around this year visiting unschooling conferences throughout the US and Canada, so that we can learn more about this process and network with more people too. We are from Virginia but we are in the process of shifting our home base to Texas. We travel in a 35 foot Super-C motorhome that we call the Road Warrior (and that's the model name also). We'd love to network with more families who understand and love this lifestyle too!

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DeMichiel Family

Four Happy Travelers

The fun never stops for the Four Happy Travelers as we travel across America, living the type of lifestyle that dreams are made of. On the road since October of 2007, we have been spending our days traveling, exploring, road schooling our twin boys and enjoying making memories together as a family. Check out our web site and see where the road takes us next!

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The Denkins Family

Green Heart Adventure

Dustin. Jill. Derek. Jenna. Dylan. Jayda. Together we are the Denkins Family. The Plan: Buy an RV, get rid of the "stuff", hit the road, see the national parks, enjoy the kids when they are young and ENJOY the ADVENTURE of Life.

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Devoe Family

We are a family of four (seven if you include our four legged family members - two cats and a dog!) in pursuit of life's great adventure to travel this country in our 28 foot travel trailer. We have two incredible kids ages 11 and 13 who will be roadschooling along the way. Join us as we live the simple life, explore our country, serve the communities and people that we come across and see where this incredible journey takes us! Who knows... we might be coming to a town near you!

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Dolan Family

A mom, a dad, a son, and a dog, roadsteading, roadschooling, traveling slow. Taking care of parents in different states, visiting bunches of grandkids and enjoying all points in between. One retired, one working on the road.

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Faires Bus

Faires Family

i.e. The Albatross

We are Canadians with a converted Blue Bird named The Albatross. Mom is an author, Dad is an photographer and we travel with our three girls all over North America. We tour organic farms and science museums. We are the Steampunkbus on Youtube.

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Fink fam Family

Sophie Lee's World

We are the Fink family, we were travelers before we found out about our third family member. Originally from alaska we moved back up to have our little girl and then after we saved up enough to hit the road again we hit the road again.

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Fisher Family

Sparkling Adventures

We're a family with four young daughters, currently travelling around New Zealand in our modified horse truck. When we're not in New Zealand, we're travelling around Australia!

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Foster Family

Operation Explorations

We are currently on the road for our 4 1/2 month maiden voyage and love it so much that when we get home we are selling off everything and fulltiming it! We have 2 girls born 2006 and 2007 and look forward to meeting some other families on the road!

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Fox Family

Fox Family Travels

We are the Fox Family from Florida and we are traveling the country in our 1992 Lazy Daze RV named "Wally". Our plan is to visit a number of National and State Parks and introduce our son to some of the wonders this country has to offer. We hope you'll enjoy riding along with us as we experience the country through the windows of our "Wally".

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Foxworthy Family

A Merry Band of Travelers

We are a family of six who are setting out to explore the country in a 35ft travel trailer. Our goal is to do this for at least three years. Our first stop is New Mexico.

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FuhKaui Family

FuhKaui Family

We're a pretty unpredictable family, in fact the most common question we get asked is "Where are you, now?". We're Joe, Vicki, Jacob, Jonas and Jewel. We are an unschooling family that lives for traveling in an old school bus. We began a life on the road in 1998 after walking away from a conventional suburban life, in search of a better one. Instead of power lunches, rush hour, and longing for the weekends we now enjoy lazy road side picnics, scenic drives and crowdless weekday adventures. No schools, no rules, no alarm clocks....Welcome to our life.

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