Traveling with Only Child
Posted 2015-04-22 9:37 AM (#7807)
Subject: Traveling with Only Child

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We are brand new to RVing and are going on 13 month trip around the country, my wife, myself, and our then to be seven-year-old boy. We will be homeschooling him for first grade.

Here's my concern. Our boy loves his friends, and is always asking for play dates. He's an only child. But he's shy at playgrounds and doesn't make friends easily with kids he doesn't know.

I'm concerned that he's going to be very lonely on this trip, and, if and when he does make friends at campsites, he will have to leave them behind when we move on.

We will get to see some relatives with kids his age occasionally, but there will be many months in between when it will just be him and us.

Any suggestions for a couple RVing with an only child?

Thanks for any advice.
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