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The Blog provides unique destination travel information from well seasoned traveling authors.

Family Adventure Summit This year's Summit takes place this October in Bali, Indonesia. It is an in-person gathering of 400+ inspiring people celebrating family connection, life learning, long-term travel, community, creative living, and soaking in life to the fullest.

Wandering Educators A Travel Library for People Curious About the World.

Welcome to the Road

Families On The Road (FOTR) are families who are choosing not to wait until our kids are grown to live on the road. We are living our dreams, exploring America and beyond with our kids.
We are here to educate, inspire and support all families who choose this lifestyle.

Featured Family.


The WEAVER BELIEVER family band sings and plays in a unique mixture of bluegrass, southern gospel and country music. This has been helpful in bridging the gaps between all three different genres. Their banjos, guitars, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass and acoustic bass instruments allow them to move in the different circles with a high energy, fast tempo, toe tapping type of sound. With their tight harmony and one of a kind family group, it's sure to be a performance not easily forgotten. They travel all over the country ministering in churches and other venues.
Over the past 10 years of their music career, the children's youthful appeal has turned into genuine talent, with several national awards to their credit ~ continually receiving return invitations wherever they go. Having been playfully called "the modern day Partridge Family" or the "von Trapps of southern gospel/bluegrass/country music," they continue to enjoy traveling and spending quality time together encouraging audiences of all ages by "Spreading God's Word ~ Family Style."

Road schoolRoadschooling

Pursuing an education while traveling provides some unique opportunities and challenges. The Roadschooling Section provides tips, links, resources and advice about homeschooling on the Road.

Homeschooling requirements should be a factor that fulltiming families consider when choosing a home base state. Some states, such as Texas, have minimal requirements, while others may require supervised testing, record-keeping and more. Parents can obtain information about these requirements by contacting the state Department of Education. Often, a homeschooling group in that state will have helpful information as well.

Looking for some help with cirriculum on the road? FOTR provides information by subject (History, Language Arts, Science, Math and Miscellaneous) to help parents in educating their children.

AirstreamThe RV Lifestyle

Are you considering hitting the road? Want to learn more about living in a motorhome fulltime? If you are new to the idea of living on the road the lifestyle section is where you will learn about downsizing and job options for families on the go.

Find information about budget, insurance and safety issues. Learn about technology that makes your mobile life a breeze. Plus answers to questions about how to stay in shape, take books along, get mail, take pets and more.

Andy Warhol MuseumExplorations While Fulltiming

Explore the surrounding areas from the home base of your campground. Learn about discounts on local activities for your family.

Find information about, nationwide passes and discounts to museums, zoos and national parks, Look for the Jr. Ranger Programs while camping in our National Parks. Use apps to find the best hiking and biking trails in our National Forests.

Plus use the forum to ask where other families are and how to meet up while traveling, where to attend World Class Family Advenutre Summits, purchase the best camping memberships, where is the best Amusement Parks to take the family too and so much more.

No all those who wanter are lostResources

You will find books and on-line RV educational tutorials to help you and your family get ready for the Fulltime Lifestyle.

Tips on how to choose an RV for family living, general information about RVs, travel and links to many articles.

"I think poor is more a state of mind than a state of finance. We are amazed at how little we actually need, and how much more happy we are now that we don't have to keep up with the Joneses. When you really start thinking about what is essential, you realize that it's only a handful of things, don't you? And there's no need to have all that wasted space in a big house. And when you're not stressed out trying to work for all the "toys", life becomes a joyful discovery of all the things we missed along the way."

~Vickie Swindling (FOTR since 2006)

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